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What do we offer?
A safe, easy way to save and loans at low, low interest rates.

All British credit unions are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) just like the banks, building societies, insurance companies and other loan organisations.
Members savings are fully protected under the FSA's compensation scheme

An easy way to save
Save any amount from 1 - as much or as little as you like. We accept cash or cheques at our shop and MoneyPoints or you can pay by standing order from your bank or building society account.
Low cost loans
After you have saved regularly for a while, you can apply for a loan. You will be charged a low rate of interest and must continue to save with us. Compare our costs with other lenders here. Find out how much you can borrow here.
Annual dividends
Once a year, any profit we earn is shared out amongst all our members. This is called the annual dividend. The amount paid varies from year to year and is often higher than the interest received from some bank accounts.
  Free life insurance
Our members get free life insurance on both savings and loans. This means that if a customer should die, up to double the value of the shares - depending on age - would be paid out to a nominated beneficiary. Any loans would be paid off in full, giving peace of mind for those family members left behind.
Easy to get to
We have a shop at 9 Lowesmoor and MoneyPoints in many parts of the city. Find out the places and opening times here.
  A warm and friendly welcome
Our MoneyPoints are staffed by volunteer members, people who live in your local area. So you can be sure of a warm welcome. You may want to get more involved by volunteering yourself!

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